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A whole page of Hondas under 20k

A Whole Page of Hondas under 20k

We keep a list of lightly used cars that come into our dealership! Why not check out some of these Hondas? Currently they range from 10k - 17k and from no miles to slightly over 100,000 miles. Hondas are cars that are known for traveling obscurely long distances before they finally keel over. If you're lucky, you might be like Joe LoCicero of Maine who drove his…

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Did you know the 2015 Honda Odyssey comes with a built in vaccume?

2015 Honda Odyssey 
It's true the 2015 Honda Odyssey comes with a ton of cool features. From televisions in the back to play DVD's to a vacuum to clean up inevitable messes, this car is pretty cool. With Song by voice technology, you can pick and play amazing songs to listen to with this simple technology.  With USB audio interface you can plug in the songs that you want to hear and listen to whatever it…
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Lane Keeping Assist System Helps Avoid Collisions

Avoid Collisions with Honda's Lane Keeping Assist System in San Juan Capistrano, California

Drive Honda Safe with Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), a driver assistive-technology aimed at keeping Honda drivers safe on the highway. The system aids steering by maintaining the vehicle in the middle of a detected lane, by using a camera that identifies lane markings. If the vehicle deviates from the center of an identified lane, LKAS uses torque to restore the vehicle to the middle of the lane. Audible and visual cues alert the driver should the vehicle start to leave an identified lane without a…

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Honda's Smart Entry System Making Car Keys Obsolete

Leave the Car Keys Behind with Honda's Smart Entry System in San Juan Capistrano, California

You have only five minutes before you have to leave for work, and your car keys are missing in action. Where did they go? Now you don't have to go through this awful situation ever again, thanks to Honda's Smart Entry system with Push Button start.

Get a new Honda car with Smart Entry and Push Button Start in San Juan Capistrano CA

As long as the Smart Entry remote is with 32 inches?
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Honda CR-V and HR-V Star In NBC's "Saturday Night Line" Web Series

The 2015 Honda CR-V and 2016 Honda HR-V will serve as cast members in NBC's "Saturday Night Line," a digital web series that follows Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast members as they interact with the dedicated fans waiting in the ticket standby line days prior to the show. 

Honda's premier crossovers will provide the perfect mobile venues for various "Saturday Night Line" skits and shenanigans, as both vehicles offer spacious, functional and?
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Lane Departure Warning Technology Keeps Honda Drivers Safer

Drive Honda Safe in San Juan Capistrano, California

Since its beginnings in 1948, Honda has been keeping drivers safe, and its a philosophy that continues to this day. With Lane Departure Warning (LDW), accidental lane changes are a thing of the past. LDW, standard on select models, uses a camera designed to identify roadway lane markers, so the system can detect when the vehicle is about to leave its lane. The LDW system urges drivers to take corrective action with a visual warning on the display and an audible signal if the vehicle starts to move out of a…
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The Noble New 2016 Honda Civic

The New 2016 Honda Civic is a great new rendition to the series!


The new 2016 Honda Civic made an appearance at the New York Auto Show this year and is ready to impress. With a slew of safety features like Vehicle Stability Assist, Anti-Lock braking and tire pressure monitoring systems. This new model is sure to keep you safe. If you are driving in a Civic you're going to be just fine. Safety options aside, this car has great fuel efficiency. All around, it's a grand slam for Honda. Try coming down and touring one of the…
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2016 Honda HR-V Debut

2016 Honda HR-V Debuts at L.A. Auto Show

Honda recently unveiled the new 2016 Honda HR-V at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Honda's newest model line "mixes angles and curves in an attractive design that lends it a sporty look while hiding its budget-friendly roots."

2016 Honda HR-V at Ocean Honda of San Juan Capistrano near Roseville & Sacramento CA  The 2016 Honda HR-V is available soon at Ocean Honda of San Juan Capistrano near Roseville & Sacramento CA  2016 Honda HR-V near Roseville CA 

The Spacious 2016 Honda HR-V

Although it may seem like the same size as the Honda Fit, the 2016 Honda HR-V includes much more room for its passengers?
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2016 Honda Pilot Debut

2016 Honda Pilot Debuts at Chicago Auto Show

Honda recently unveiled the new 2016 Honda Pilot at the Chicago Auto Show. This third generation Pilot has a "youthful and modern, yet sophisticated, look" featuring a sloping roof and new angular body. The Pilot is 3.5 inches longer and 300 pounds lighter.

2016 Honda Pilot at Ocean Honda of San Juan Capistrano near Orange County OC CA  The 2016 Honda Pilot is available soon at Ocean Honda of San Juan Capistrano - Orange County OC CA  2016 Honda Pilot in Orange County OC CA 

The 2016 Honda Pilot is an Ultimate Family Vehicle

Could the 2016 Honda Pilot be the new, best-in-class family vehicle? Cars.com thinks so. The Pilot offers features that are sure to delight children and parents alike. The 2016 Honda Pilot has easy-to-reach cupholders throughout, featuring double cupholders…
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Honda At The North American Internatonal Auto Show

2015 North American International Auto Show Highlights Best Cars, Trucks, and Crossovers

The 2015 North American International Auto Show concluded this past weekend, running from January 12-25 at newly renovated Cobo Center in downtown Detroit.  

The auto show showcased more than 750 vehicles and was projected to draw nearly 800,000 attendees.  The annual event always promises to be a spectacle of luxury, power, sportiness, and best-in-class performance, and this year's crop of vehicles?
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